An end of season message from our head coach Marcus Tobin

An end of season message from our head coach Marcus Tobin

By Danny Elmer
16th April
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One club one ethos

Hi Everyone,

It seems an eternity since our initial Practice on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 in scorching temperatures, and now with the play offs concluded this weekend , it brings to a close the 2018-19 season, in which the London 3 Essex League Championship was won.

I would like to put on record thanking the following groups who have been instrumental in our quest to return to London 2 NE next season:

There was a large turnover of players this season, and I would like to commend all the players in all teams who have worked very hard, shown a “can do” attitude, and been prepared to try new concepts from the coaches.
The Individual Player Profile process which we as coaches carry out twice a year (with a final third review to be carried pre-season) has shown a great improvement overall in players Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental skills.
The younger players have stepped up, an example being that 7 of the 18 man squad against Maldon at home were 21 or younger, the existing players have brought a stability and knowledge of the “Club”, and the new additions have added energy and experience.
All 3 parties have integrated well both on and off the pitch, and I would like to thank Cam Furlong as captain for galvanising this process.

Both committees have been incredibly supportive to the coaches both on and off the pitch, an example is the provision of extensive new practice equipment for pre-season which had a real positive influence on practices.
There are also many further examples of on and off field examples that could be documented.
As Head of Playing I liaised on a regular basis with Ollie Stokes and thank him for his support and input at all times.

Alluding to the players above the coaches (Steve Douglass, John Robinson, Joe Mbu and Martin Mallia) have also shown a great acumen for relaying new concepts and being innovative in their design of practice sessions.
One of the reasons we have had a consistent team on the field has been the experience of our physio Martin Heyes, who has supported players through treatment and advice greatly reducing the time of a players inability to play.

What can I say!!! The support we have been afforded both home and away has been fantastic, and without doubt it has made a real difference-the players and coaches have commented on this on a regular basis throughout the season-thank you.

Youth players are the lifeblood of the club!!!! It is clearly evident watching on a Sunday whether it be a practice or a game that there is some great coaching going on, and some great work by the players.
It is clear also that the players have great support from parents and guardians.
The senior open age coaching staff are committed to support Youth Rugby at EUCRFC and this will be evident even more next season with some coaching CPD’s being arranged, hands on support (if requested), and an ongoing U17 & U18 youth-senior transition process.
An example of the commitment to youth development at EUCRFC is that 13 of the 18 matchday squad for the last match of the season (Kings Cross Steelers @ home) have graduated via the EUCRFC youth system.
It was a fitting that the young men of the U12’s are presented with their club ties as they enter youth rugby as u13’s next season before the above game.

To conclude, I can assure all members and supporters that planning is already fully underway to prepare us as well as possible for the exciting challenge of London 2 NE Rugby coming back to Upland Road and beyond for the “Club” next season.

Enjoy the summer break!!!


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