Stade Francais vs UCFC 1911
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1. Stade Francais vs UCFC 1911

In 1911 on Sunday the 5th March Upper Clapton Football Club took on the might of Stad Francais.

Below are two translations from French newspapers from the time

The match between Upper Clapton Football Club and Stade Francais was played yesterday afternoon at Parc de Princes in front of a crowd of more than 3000 spectators

It ended with an easy victory for Stade Francais with 32 points, 8 tries and 4 conversions, vs 5, 1 try and 1 conversion.
It was at 3:15 ref Mr Hadley blew the start of the match.

To be noted Failliot of RCF, contrary to what people reported has never played for Stade Francais.

It was Stade Francais that kicked off playing with the sun in their eyes. After two minutes, from a kick, well followed by the three quarters of Stade Francais, Brailesco scored between the posts, a try which was converted.

The game was then contained in the centre thanks to a good effort from the forwards of Upper Clapton who were better in scrum and in the lineout than their opponents, but the tempo of the English soon fell and the backs of Stade Francais were numerous incursions into the opposition territory.

Twice the entire three-quarter line of Stade Francais pass through to the winger who returns the ball with a punt.

Unfortunately these kicks were often too long and send the ball into touch-in-goal.
A few missed passes by (Lesieur) and an unfortunate blow from Paoli brought the game back within 22 meters of Stade Francais line, who recovered and cleared the ball.

From the centre, (Communeau) grabbed the ball and scored a try after a 60-yard run. The goal was scored.

The players of Stade Francais then had the ball in a scrum and took the opportunity to score two more tries, the last of which was converted.
Half-time is called shortly after.

Stade Francais 16 points and UCFC: 0

During the second half UCFC resisted more vigorously. Their three-quarters passed a little slow, but which immediately led to a try which was converted.

Then the game goes from end to end, the English gain ground with skillful passes from their three-quarters, and soon the French are dangerously tight on their goal line. The French emerge with passes from (Lesieur). He repeated this feat and ends his race with a kick.

The English full-back is tackled when he receives the ball which Lesieur deftly catches.
The try is marked but is not converted.

The English three-quarters go up the field with rapid passes up to the French 22 metres line.

Brailesco cleared the ball and a scrambled try is scored by Stade Francais. Lesieur was notable by his charges and a good series of passes from the French brought a try from Muizon and the end of the match is whistled.

The French win by 32 points against 5.

Despite the difference in points, the game was fun to watch from start to finish.
The England team, which seemed to be sleeping at the start of the game, had an excellent second half of the match.

Last Sunday's game against Upper Clapton was played with great spirits, in glorious weather and in front of a large crowd.

The fatigue of the opponents who arrived in the morning and having played a match the day before (they had beaten Brighton) allowed our forwards to often ensure control of the ball and our back lines to make nice combinations, quickly executed.

The Stadians have shown great skill in the practice of the counterattack and many times the English charges have ended with a Stade try.