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1. EUCRFC Adult Membership

All new memberships to EUCRFC have to be approved on application to the General Committee.

Epping Upper Clapton Rugby Football Club Membership Fees for 2014-15:

Adult Player: £150.00 (a new single amount which covers full membership and replaces the old membership and match fee arrangement)

Colt/Student: £75.00

Non-Player (includes Ex Player, Patron, Parents etc): £50.00

This is a modest increase upon last season however all members will be entitled to an item club collateral when they visit the club if they have paid £50, precise details to be announced
A two tier pricing structure for the bar is being planned, another reason to join

Please be aware that as a charity, £14 of the Non-Player fees are deemed to be a voluntary donation, which means we can seek additional funding via the approved Gift Aid scheme. Please print and sign Gift Aid Documnet below so we may claim back approprite ammount from HMRC

Fees can be paid in cash, by cheque payable to UCFC by standing order or internet banking Membership application and standing order forms can be downloaded using the links below.


Non Player Membership Form plus Gift Aid 2014-15