UCFC Tour Policy

Senior & Youth

Tour Policy & Procedure:


Our club policy is that the guidelines produced by the RFU are followed and adhered to in the case of all tours both senior and youth. A copy of this can be obtained from The Honorary General Secretary or from the RFU web site


All senior tour requests must go through the Honorary General Secretary

All youth tour requests must go through the Chairman of Youth

All tours both senior & youth must be agreed and signed off by the Honorary General Secretary of the senior club.

Tour requests must be in place before the 28th January of the year the tour is to take place.

All travelling players both senior & junior must be paid up members.

In the case of youth all travelling parents must be paid up club members.

In the case of youth all travelling parents and coaching staff must be CRB checked.

Accommodation must be checked and approved before travelling.

In the case where adults are sleeping in the same area as the youth players, their must be two at all time.

At least one club member who is a qualified First Aider must be in the tour party.

Tour insurance needs to be arranged prior to leaving on tour.

If any player is sent from the field of play during the tour which is a red card offence. This must be reported to the clubs disciplinary officers on their return. So the correct course of action in line with the RFU laws may be considered.

All tour clothing must be purchased through the club shop for both senior and junior tours. Should any team be found using the club logo or purchasing items from other sources without the permission of the board of management they will be subject to a fine and confiscation of the items.

If however evidence is produced to show the shop is not competitive then the Board of management will have the final decision on the items purchase.

Club Chairman Honorary General Secretary